You are an artist using walkable environments in 3D? Then you may apply for a free opensimulator as an early mover [final application date 01.06.2014]. You have 1 month time to setup a draft of your work. We will give you some feedback and will discuss the final arangements. In case you get a grant from the foundation [or one of the sponsors] you go on and your entry will be in the Virtual Biennial for free. The full sim you make will get conserved similar to VULCANICUS and move to ‘WUNDERKAMMERMUSIK’ for a 3D-retrospective in 10/20/30 years. After the Biennial [early 2016] you get a copy of the database and a viewer so you may be able to show your contribution to friends on a Windows PC [for a long time]. More about this concept you find at http://www.academia.edu/1214369/The_Primcurator_by_Reiner_Schneeberger

In the year 2012 we created the idea of a  ‘Volcano of Art’ and set it in place in 2013: a time capsule of Digital ‘prim based’ Art, made during the last 10 years. By this way we got a living retrospective of the beginning of 3D art in walkable environments  [2003-2013].

We set as a limit on selecting up to ’42 artists’. After we had selected ‘the final 42’ we got some very good ‘late arrivals’. The latest piece, called ‘the sun and the moon’, was delivered on Nov. 30, 2013 by Nexuno Thespian, from Italy. Finally we found a way to place some additional pieces into ‘sunken chest boxes’ which we droped in the water as the Volcano of Art is centered on an island. Now you find in total about 70 pieces of art made by about 50 artists in the 3D walkable environment called VULCANICUS. Enjoy to use the search function at the website vulcanicus.com and visit the land ‘in real’ buy using Opensimulator- [via Metropolis grid most easy] and the EYE-visitor technology.

From 2014 on we will work on a ‘Virtual Biennial 2015’ that will be ‘real’ as well. Just come back in time to read more. There is a calendar [size: 13.0×42.0 cm] for 2014 to support the idea and make it more known.


VULCANICUS – ‘The Volcano of Art’ is the source for all the pictures in this calendar ‘The cathedral [or Volcano] of Dreams‘ 2014. Each month has one artist in focus:
Yooma Mayo [Japan], Excess Lemmon [United Kingdom], Nexuno Thespian [Italy], Renn Yifu [Germany], ChapTer Kronfeld [Germany], Met Knelstrom [Germany], Gem Preiz [France], Navah Dreams [Greece], Feathers Boa [USA], Cherry Manga [France], Bryn Oh [Canada], JadeYu Fhang [France]; Title page: Gem Preiz

Contact:  Reiner Schneeberger,  Dorfstr. 14, DE-04416 Markkleeberg, Tel: 0341 3576694, Mobil: 01712077087, e-mail: info@kunstinformatik.de
Stiftung Kunstinformatik [Treuhandstiftung]
Landshuter Allee 11
D 80673 München
Telefon: +49 89 744 200 206
e-mail: info@kunstinformatik.de


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